HBZ7980 - Delta Ray Bnf

HBZ7980 - Delta Ray Bnf
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Now available as a BNF, the HobbyZone Delta Ray BNF shares the same model charateristics as its RTF counterpart but leaves the choice of Transmitter to the burgeoning pilot.

A trainer that looks anything but a trainer, too good to be true? Not anymore!

The striking looks of the Delta Ray give an impression of high speeds but looks can be deceiving as the Delta Ray is first and foremost a trainer, Albeit one that is more than able to fly in a very slow manner and have its top speed limited to 35 mph. This slow flight ability is very important for a training model as it allows the novice pilot to retain control of the model without the risk of getting disoriented due to the model flying too fast.

Twin motors with contra rotating propellers eliminate the negative effects of motor torque and give the plane the best combination of safety, strength and performance.

Slick, fast, modern looking and equipped with the outstanding SAFE system the Delta Ray offers great appeal to younger pilots that want to take up model flying but are often put off by the looks of older traditional boxy type high wing trainers.

The Delta Ray is the first HobbyZone model with the SAFE flight envelope protection system allowing the model to sense where the horizon is, so no matter what position the plane is in, by releasing the stick to neutral position the plane will come back to flat and horizontal flight.

The system also allows the model to fly with limits on wing bank, angle of descent -climb and automatically make small corrections to the control surface movements helping to smooth out the effects of wind turbulence.

The transmitter has a 3 position switch that allows the novice pilot to progress step by step as his flying skills develop.

This flight control system also allows the model to fly in higher winds, allowing the pilots to go out and fly whenever he wants with less reliance on wind conditions, a big difference from traditional trainers!

Great looks, electronic stabilization system and superb flight characteristics, the Delta Ray really is a stunning model with which to learn to fly!


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