hbz7900ic Hobbyzone Delta Ray RTF

hbz7900ic Hobbyzone Delta Ray RTF
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The Delta Ray may be aesthetically contrasting from what would likely be traditionally perceived as a trainer aircraft, but a combination of SAFE technology and carefully engineered aerodynamics means that those seeking something more adventurous in appearance to learn to fly with now have an option.

Delta Ray’s sleek styling may defy the notion that it’s a plane designed to learn to fly with, but its design features and specifications all focus on just that primary task. Twin motors with contra rotating propellers eliminate the negative effects of motor torque and that, combined with incorporated sensors and software, give it inherent stability creating a platform on which a beginner pilot can begin to learn how to control the plane in flight as opposed to just trying to keep it airbourne. They also provide a configuration that minimises damage should a crash occur, moving the propellers either side and rearward of the nose.

The incorporated SAFE technology uses an innovative combination of multi-axis sensors and software that allows the model aircraft to know its position relative to the horizon. This spatial awareness is utilised to create a controlled flight envelope that vastly improves the probability of success in learning to fly right from the get-go, giving the option of assistance in all areas of flight from start to finish.

With the take off, manoeuvring the plane during the flight, and with the most tricky part to master – landing, SAFE can give a level of security that has never before been available in a trainer. Additionally it offers what must be the ultimate novice safety net: if the pilot loses orientation or control generally of the plane, at the simple press of a button Panic Recovery takes over complete control and will return the plane to safe and level flight.

With three progressive levels, SAFE can be tailored to provide just enough assistance at any time while the pilot progresses along the flight learning curve and gains skill and confidence. Add to that assisted take-off and landing in the initial stages and the path to mastering proficient flight has become more attainable than ever before.

The landing gear on the Delta Ray is easily removed so a hand launch take off assisted by SAFE becomes a great option if a relatively smooth runway surface is unavailable. Everything needed to go flying is in the box with the Delta Ray; transmitter, 12 volt DC charger and a full set of batteries. A fully comprehensive manual guides step-by-step through the minimal assembly process, and along with pre-flight checks gives plenty of tips and hints that will secure success on those initial flights. 

• Intuitive SAFE technology provides four modes to give new pilots the ultimate progressive learning experience
• If you lose control of the airplane, "Panic Mode" returns the aircraft to stable, level flight with the push of a button!
• Beginner and Intermediate modes provide support for new pilots by limiting the roll and pitch of the airplane, keeping you in control at all times!
• Experienced Mode allows pilots who have mastered the basics to explore the incredible performance of the Delta Ray aircraft supported by the revolutionary AS3X gyro stabilization system
• Everything you need to teach yourself to fly in one box, even the "AA" batteries for the transmitter!
• Full 4-channel control gives new pilots a comprehensive learning experience with all the same controls as full-size airplanes!
• The included full-Range Spektrum DX4e 2.4GHz DSMX transmitter can be used with a variety of other Spektrum-equipped products. Visit Spektrum.com for more information.
• Impact-resistant, durable Z-Foam construction is extraodinarily tough. But in case of damage, you can make repairs with almost any glue and be back in the air in minutes!

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